Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Thursday's Run with Tall MOM - Mel

This picture is deceiving because I really wanted to cry for my Mommy!

Mistake #1 Don't run if something really hurts!

Mistake #2 Just because you love your running buddy does not mean you have to kill yourself to run with them.

Mistake #3 If you plan on running two marathons in a 14 day period make sure you rest more than 4 days before you run again.

Now at home nursing the hamstring and using heat and ice!  Hope this does not last long.  I am still glad I ran with Mel because having an awesome running buddy really does make the run a lot more fun.

Run on

Friday, May 21, 2010

Capital City Marathon May 16, 2010

Ashleigh was there!

In the hotel room ready to go...

This is the first hill you come to... nice


Not to many pictures this time for good reason... 
Boston Qualifying time of 3:49:34
4th in age division
Top 10 for age division
18th woman to finish
Bronze Level Marathon Maniac - Oh Yeah!
2nd Marathon

We ran by this lake it was so beautiful.  These pictures were taken the day before!
We drove the course and we could not believe how beautiful it was.  Breath taking views.
Wish I had more pictures to show.

This is the view we had from our hotel

The Governor Hotel
621 Capitol Way South
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 352-7700
I highly recommend this hotel it is: runner friendly, 2 minutes from start line, 1 minute from finish, 2 pm late check out, 6 am runners breakfast, view of lake and Capital building, what more could you ask for, oh yeah the best service.  This hotel is older but it is perfect for a race weekend.

Saturday when we arrived I was able to layout here in this park for awhile.  It was a beautiful day.  Best of all great company.  My running buddy's Shannon, Tammy, Heidi, Leslie, Ashlee, Angie and Lisa made it a perfect trip and race.   Go Fleet Feet Racers!!

 5 Marathon Maniacs that were born from this group!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tacoma City Marathon May 2, 2010 - 1st Marathon

Before the race - nervous!  My sparkly lotion and cute earrings always help with the jitters.

Getting ready for the big race!

Where is Heidi???

Finally we are here!

The Maniac's, looks like one of them needs a bigger shirt!  Well we do know what he had to do to get that shirt so I will be quiet.
This is the limo that brought all of the Maniac Pacer's to the start line.  Pretty Cool!

This is the start of the marathon!  I look like I just opened up a box from Tiffany's!

We are just happy little runners.  Tammy looks like she is going to jump up!  Love her enthusiasm for running.  Makes me happy.

This is when Tammy and I were a little ahead of our pacer buddy, that did not last long.

I just love taking pictures while I run!  We really were having a good time at that moment.  We did not know what was coming up - that's why!  Notice the dude in the back?  He is thinking "these gals need to chill, there is a monster hill coming"!  I think he should of warned us.

Still smiling

feeling good.....

Um mm

This picture of our perfect Shannon should be on the cover of runners world so graceful and well perfect!

I do not believe I have ever seen Ashlee not smiling, still don't know her time yet.

Getting close to the last of seeing this guy.... :(

 that's my family in the car!
My family even drove beside me cheering me on - it was the best feeling knowing my family was supporting me the whole way.
Rushton Way
The Tunnel

Hayden running with his Mom, I was running so it was really hard to get Tammy in the picture! Sorry Tammy........

This part of the race meant alot to me.  My cramps were so bad at this point and I was not sure if I would make it.  Drew kept me going and ran with me for awhile.  My husband told me I could do it and I did it!

still with me, I needed him .... still do!

My legs were cramping really bad at this point.  I even prayed, yelled and stomped my feet for it to stop.
I was dying my legs were killing me. I had been sprinting since the 25 mile maker. I tried my best. I did not qualify for Boston, but I gave it all I had and more.                                                                                           

Time: 3:54:50
5th place out of age group
25th overall women
Missed Boston by 4 minutes 50 seconds
I am still happy about my race!

Finish line, really not sure what I said but it might of been "Help" my legs gave out right after this picture was taken I was carried to the MED TENT!  Oh so embarrassing.    

See the back ground?  That would be the Med Tent.  I spent a little time in there and I am sure the medical staff remembers me!  Good times!

No they did not take me away in the van!

My biggest fan, the love of my life, married 20 years and four kids!  Can't wait until we do Boston together!

I finally found the girls!  Good Job Gals. We did it.  And now we get to do it again May 16 Capital City Marathon two Marathon Maniacs in the making. 

Tacoma City Marathon May 2, 2010

Next: Capital City Marathon May 16, 2010 - purely for Maniac status bronze level
no picture taking though.....