Sunday, February 28, 2010

Be Not Afraid of the Hills.....

All Friday I was so worried about running hills with my training group the next morning. I thought “Did I train enough?” and “Will I be able to keep up?” Saturday came and I was so nervous it was getting a little ridiculous. I think some runners are just plain hard on themselves – that would be me.

The first 2 miles I wanted to die, it felt like we were just going up the whole time. I ran with some other ladies who are my age, ran a few marathons already and they helped me to keep my mind off what I was doing. My calves started to burn so I decided to run backwards a few times and this really helped a lot. I recommend this if you can do it safely.

GU was definitely my friend on this run. I loved seeing all the other runners and wondering why they run too. The area we were in was so beautiful with ocean and forest right next to each other. No camera because I did not have an enough room in my pack.

Well at mile 5 or so I started really warming up and I was feeling like this is going to work out after all and I was not going to die.

Running with great people really makes a hard run like that seem not so frightful. We finished at 15 miles @ 8.53 pace and 4 water stops (clock off). What a great day and now I feel like I do not have to be afraid of the hills.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kick Your ASP Hill!

I don't know maybe I just like to punish myself.  I was not a good "stick to your training schedule girl" today.  I ran with a new friend and these hills were unreal.  I am doing this run again next week and try for a better time.  I did go backwards a few times up the hill so I could rest my calves!  We ended up running 9 miles but really it felt like 20 miles.  I am glad I brought my vanilla GU with me.... and of course the cell phone!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nice Hair, they call me LIONESS!

The name came from my running buddy Zoe; my hair is always crazy after a run so she named me Lioness. Me after the special interval training session! I wanted to cry... I asked the grounds keeper dude at the high school to carry me to my car, but he just laughed.... Rude! I like the speed intervals it helped me to see what I am capable of and were I need to improve. So I have a long way to go, so WTH I’m going to do this marathon whatever it takes I am crossing that finish line!

Planned workout:
1.5 mile warm up
12 x 200 meter intervals 47 sec to 51 sec
1.5 mile Cool down

Warm up - NONE totally late getting to the track because of little kidlets were late to school
12x200 Meter intervals 41 sec to 51 sec - could not breath
Cool down 4 miles - just plain proving to myself I am not a whimp!
Total miles 7

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Orting Trail Run

Wow, great run today. I am noticing a big difference in my pace. Each time I do a long run I feel stronger. I am enjoying meeting new people in my training group. All ages of women in our group, it is really a great way to train. Next week: hill training.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running Journal

I felt really good running today.  I have been using heat, ice, ibuprophen and the stretching I have listed below.  Works!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Information on L Glutamine powder

Glutimine powder is something I just added to my daily routine about 8 months ago.  Great results.  This article is good at explaining why.

Benefits and Side Effects

When it comes to weight lifting one of the issues that quickly comes to light is that of diet supplements. One of the supplements that is often mentioned is l glutamine, but sometimes finding solid information on the benefits of l glutamine, or l glutamine side effects is difficult. This article is designed to address some of the questions about l glutamine including: what is glutamine, what does glutamine do, what benefits can be gained from l glutamine use, and what side effects might be expected.

L Glutamine Information - What is glutamine and what does glutamine do?

This is one of the first questions asked when someone is looking for l glutamine information. In order to know if it is a supplement that you should take you must first know what it is and what it does. Fortunately the answers for l glutamine are fairly straightforward. L glutamine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body. It is also present in many foods including meats and milk. The function of l glutamine is to help the body maintain its acid-base balance by converting between glutamate and glutamine. As well l glutamine is one of the body’s top anti-catabolic proteins. Catabolism is the process of muscular break down, which can happen if the body is not producing or consuming enough protein and l glutamine from foods. Intense exercise can very quickly burn the body’s free glutamine.

Benefits of L Glutamine Supplements

L glutamine has become very popular as a supplement among weight lifters due to the strong benefits of l glutimine when it comes to muscle protection and repair. Some of these benefits include:

Proper protein synthesis and protection of muscle tissue from catabolic processes.

Maintenance of cell hydration.

Speeding of healing processes and muscle recovery.

Increased production of growth hormone.

Boosted immune system.

Maintenance of the intestine and bowels.

Protection and repair of ulcers.

You can see this is a significant list of benefits all tied to this simple amino acid, and all very positive when weight lifting is a part of your lifestyle.

L Glutamine Side Effects

Yet another benefit of l glutamine is that, to date, there are not any known l glutamine side effects. As it is a naturally occurring amino acid required for proper body function additions of l glutamine to the diet simply boosts levels of glutamine giving the body the building blocks to work with in order to enhance l glutamine effects.

Adding L Glutamine to your diet - information on L Glutamine Powder

The most ready source of l glutamine supplements comes in a powdered form and can be picked up in most pharmacies or sports shops. A good number of protein powder mixes include l glutamine in their mix, so check any of these you are taking before determining how much l glutamine to add to your diet. A good rule of thumb is to add 10-15 grams of l glutamine each day. It is most effective to divide this total and take half in the morning and half at night.

Once you begin on l glutamine you may feel like nothing is happening, but remember that most of the benefits of this supplement are not visible on the surface. That doesn’t mean it’s not working, and you will see the results in how you feel and how your muscles react to the stress you’re putting them under. Natural and easy on the body l glutamine is one of the better supplements to promote muscle repair and protection allowing you to work harder and reach your goals.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Fix Piriformis Syndrome

I have been nursing a pain in my glute area for about 4 weeks now.  A friend told me about this video and it really helped me alot!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


These are all the best people I know!  My husband is so supportive of my running and my kids follow suit.  I am very blessed to have such a gift.

I RUN For Ashleigh

My friend Ashleigh died of cancer in September 2009,  leaving 4 children and a husband behind. Although I never met Ashleigh in person, her life touched mine at a time when I needed it most. Ashleigh's example and brave struggle with cancer gave me the courage and strength that I needed to go on. So now when I run, I do it for Ashleigh; I wear her name on my running shirt to honor her life.

Seattle Half Marathon 2009
Who do you run for?

Pulling the Plug

I finished my 3rd half marathon last November 2009, my time was ok. I really did not push it hard enough; I knew I had more in me. At the finish line of the Seattle half Marathon I decided, "I am going to pull the plug and do the full".

I created this site to help inspire runners and newbies (runner jargon for new runners) that are trying to make running apart of their daily routine. Running is a great way to reach fitness goals, de-stress (hence the name, “Leave It Running”) and just plain FEEL GOOD. When you start your day with a run, you just can’t help to smile at your accomplishment.

Introduction: "LEAVE IT RUNNING"

I was introduced to running at age 10 by my Dad. My Dad helped me at an early age learn the importance of keeping your body healthy, and of course running was the best way. I remember watching my father and my step mom come home from work and quickly putting on their running shoes and going out to de-stress.

As a kid, running was the one thing no one could take from me. Running was a healthy escape and a place I did not have to think, just run. As the years went by, running was sporadic but I eventually found some time to get a run in.

As a young mom, running was not as easy for me because of the babies. Still I found time to squeeze a little run in. About 6 years ago I decided to make running a habit, and about 3 years ago, it became a long awaited passion for me.

As life goes on times can be hard. I say take it out on the road and “Leave It Running.”

That is why I run…..

The Theriault Family at the Seattle Marathon
One of the happiest days we have had together.  Our oldest son ran the marathon (3:22) I ran the half, Jake and Haley ran the 5k, and Sara and Dad ran the kids marathon.

Calendar: Tacoma City Marathon

Calendar: Tacoma City Marathon

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I just love this quote

Our running shoes are really erasers. Every step erases a memory of a past failure. Every mile brings us closer to a clean slate. Each foot strike rubs away a word, a look, or an event that led us to believe that success was beyond our grasp." ~John Bingham

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fleet Feet Running Buddy's

This Dog Rocks!
Too hot for capri's, no one would give me their shorts! 
Tall-MOM and ZOE