Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nice Hair, they call me LIONESS!

The name came from my running buddy Zoe; my hair is always crazy after a run so she named me Lioness. Me after the special interval training session! I wanted to cry... I asked the grounds keeper dude at the high school to carry me to my car, but he just laughed.... Rude! I like the speed intervals it helped me to see what I am capable of and were I need to improve. So I have a long way to go, so WTH I’m going to do this marathon whatever it takes I am crossing that finish line!

Planned workout:
1.5 mile warm up
12 x 200 meter intervals 47 sec to 51 sec
1.5 mile Cool down

Warm up - NONE totally late getting to the track because of little kidlets were late to school
12x200 Meter intervals 41 sec to 51 sec - could not breath
Cool down 4 miles - just plain proving to myself I am not a whimp!
Total miles 7

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Ha ha, I have the same problem. I always wear a hat and just ordered a Bondi Band. Hopefully it will keep the sweat from running into my eyes.