Friday, December 31, 2010

Yukon Do It Marathon 2010

 I am was not supposed to run but today I had a friend who needed some support at mile 20 because of cramping. I know what that feels like and I know the emotional strain 26.2 for the first time can do to a person let alone a 17 year old girl.
It was my friends very first marathon and she is an amazing runner at one point at about mile 16 she was 2nd female out. Cramping caused her to slow way down.
I got out of the car gave her the magic (electrolytes, etc) and ran the rest of the marathon with her.  It was an amazing experience for me. To watch someone so strong break down then get back up again just because someone was willing to talk them through it. This happened to me at Capital City Marathon 2010. I will never forget that man who pushed me through the finish line to qualify for Boston.
I love running because of the people we get to know even if it just for a race.
Today was life changing day for me.

My awesome daughter Haley on the right, ran her second half marathon at Yukon today and came in 1st place in her age division.  Haley is an incredible runner, daughter and person.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  Haley came in so fast at the end we missed her big finish!!!  We call her "Haley the Comet"

Happy New Year Friends!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Rush 10k, Kent WA

6.2 mi
Janna, Tammy and Heidi
49 minutes
7:57 pace

I had a good race. I left it all out there. Of course I can improve but after my emotional week I think I did pretty darn good. 10k's are so much different than marathons especially after just running one 2 weeks ago and a 10k day before that. I love my running lady friends they inspire me. I feel so blessed to have such a great group of friends in my life. I feel very lucky to know them and be able to train with them. I hope someday I can give that back to them.
I met a man during my race that told me he had just stopped smoking 6 months ago and was running his first 10k!  Absolutely incredible!  Amazing guy. 
I love to hear stories about how people have changed their lives by running. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Running in the Morning and .......... TEENAGERS

OK, I am not saying every teenager loves to get up in the morning and is cheery!  Like me :) But if you need to get up "JUST DO IT".  So unnamed teenage son did not want to get up this morning and get ready.  So arguing with him definitely takes up time so then I was late for running. 
I am so lucky to have a partner that I can text at 5am and say meeting at the church today instead "due too teenager attitude".  My buddy met me at the church and we did the short loop instead of the usual 4-6miles.  We were slow today but very glad about that.  I have had the flu and she has not been feeling well. 
I did finally wake unnamed teenage boy up after my run.  It was awesome DOG Alarm!  I let both pups come and jump, lick and bark on his bed.  It was the BOMB!  I do have a few more alarms if anyone needs ideas.
Picture of DOG ALARM!
 Little one is a puppy he is extra special in the morning.
Perfect for bugging the heck out of anyone at 5:30 am.
So Moms and Dads yay for you if you got a run into today because some days it is a little harder to get it done.
3.46 miles 10min Pace = Happy Mom that did not yell at teenager when she got home :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


My family has all ran for FLEET FEET in at least one or more races. I thought it would be fun to do some of our family photos in our racing gear!

New FLEET FEET RACING shirt for winter!

Yellow ones are awesome but I was cold so I was lucky to have this one made for winter races.  I am really thinking I need pink!

Portland Marathon 2011

Portland was a great Marathon the fans, accommodations everything was just wonderful. My roommate Rhonda topped the cake and we had a great time enjoying everything in Portland. We met up with our Fleet Feet Racing Group the night before the race.

Why I was late to dinner!
We got to meet Jeff Galloway and he is such a neat person.

Before the race happy and ready to go..... not so fast. I got to start line realized that I forgot my garmin. Tried to go back up the elevator and it was packed. I then tried the stairs locked! I strongly suggested :) for the front desk gal that they needed to open up the doors for the stairs. It was done immediately and I sprinted up the stairs to get my garmin and sprinted to start line. I was a little out of breath starting the marathon. So yes I look happy but about 5 min after I was a wreck!
 Started off with some serious rain and then what felt like a monsoon with how hard the wind was blowing on us.  I did feel pretty good for running in the rain.  The fans were so awesome the whole race.  Even Tall MOM Mel was there to cheer her peeps on.  I had two pits stops and horrible cramping at the end of the race.  I could not even enjoy the end of the race because each time I stopped I cramped.  I did not prepare well the week before nutritionally and it really impacted my race. 

I had to walk up the stairs to go back to my room because if I stopped I would cramp up. I asked some random dude to take my picture before I collapsed in my room. Jacuzzi helped and I felt better after sitting in for about an hour.

I loved running this Marathon regardless of my struggles.  I still ran it under 4 hours at 3:55 which is not too bad for my 3rd marathon.  I loved being with all the runners and the high of being able to run 26.2 miles - which has amazed me everytime I have done it.  Just an awesome feeling to make your body run that far and not die.  LOL

Some Things I Have Learned Since Running My #2 Marathon

  1. I could run Portland Marathon too
  2. I could run an Ultra marathon after that
  3. I decided to run Yukon Do It on Dec. 31, 2010 – so that makes #5 
  4. I am officially a Maniac and a running freak
  5. My family is slightly concerned but that is okay, If can run that means I will have the energy to do the laundry, be cheerful, cook and clean for them.
  6. I need to eat properly
  7. Core training makes all the difference
  8. Runners are very happy positive people
  9. I need a job so I can support my racing habit
  10. Running is a good way to set the example of self discipline for your kids