Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running Journal

The last two days I have ran with my friends from my marathon training group.  We did Aerobic Capacity training on Monday and Anaerobic Conditioning on Tuesday.  Yes both mouthfuls, but it's working for me guys!

Aerobic Capacity Interval Training – 6 mi @9:20 pace
Warm up 1.5

8:14 2nd mile
8:02 3rd mile - I really wanted my Mommy on this mile!
8:14 4th mile
9:? 1.5 cool down

Anaerobic Conditioning

Planned - 3 miles @ 10:04-10:16 pace
Actual - 4.11 @ 9:36 pace

Monday, March 29, 2010

Amazing Marathoner!

http://www.marathonquest250.com/  check this guy out!

Oh NO not the TOE! Again?

Really? My beautiful toenails, no more sassy pedicures.  Not Cool.  I am told I need a size bigger size running shoe, toe socks, and body glide.  This purchase will take place tomorrow at Fleet Feet in Bonney Lake.  I am very sad to report another toenail since this picture has bitten the dust. Very ungood! :)  Prices we pay to wear small jeans I guess.

Fleet Feet Marathon Training

I started with Fleet Feet Marathon Training in January, since then I have increased my mileage, improved my half marathon time by 40 minutes, met the best people I know call my friends, gained more confidence in my abilities as a runner, and really just has changed my whole perspective on fitness and my life. Take the time to visit Fleet Feet; the marathon program is worth the money! http://www.fleetfeetbonneylake.com/

Running Buddy

Meet my running buddy Rachelle.  We have been running together now for almost two years.
5:30 am rain or shine!

Bondi Band is YOUR Friend

Before BondibandAfter
I am named by my racing group the LIONESS, because of my tame less mane!
You have to try a bondi!  Tame the mane!http://www.bondiband.com/

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Today Was Special To Me

I ran for a woman who died of cancer last year, so I would say my race was amazing. I felt her with me on each hill! I love to run these races you meet incredible people who face serious challenges in life and overcome them. I was with another amazing woman as well, Janet T one of my best friends.  Janet is the Aunt to Ashleigh (the woman who passed away). We had a great experience together and we both felt like we did something good to help fight cancer. Today was a good day.

Mercer Island Half Marathan Review 13.1 mile time 1:47:08 PR

When we arrived on the island about 7:00am, I was surprised to see how easily it was to find a parking place. The parking lot at Chase bank was a perfect; we walked over to the community center, got our bibs and were good to go. Everyone there was friendly and informative, which was a big help. The only thing that could have been improved was enough restrooms to accommodate all the runners.

The start of the race it was pretty crowded, but everyone was so eager to run it didn’t matter to us. There were a lot of spectators to encourage us along the way. I enjoyed the residents at an elderly facility just past City Hall. I was really hot by then and I had on a brand new Nike dry fit t-shirt; once I saw a fan waving at the runners I asked her to hide my shirt and threw it over. It was still there when I came back to get it; an honest town, how nice!

The hills were long and steep, but it sure felt good to sprint down them. I discovered that if I shorten my stride and leaned into the hill, it was easier to go up at a decent pace. Coming down, I would use all that free energy and the knees I still have! It really helped make up time.

The fans were so amazing and cheered us on the whole way. I run for a young woman who died of cancer last year named Ashleigh. I have never met her, but her fight with cancer changed my life forever and made me a stronger person. Ashleigh made me want to live and want to continue to be a better wife, mother and friend. I felt her precious presence the whole race.

Lots of people were running for someone they loved who has either passed, or is fighting now from cancer. We can always feel good about finishing a hard race when we have a great cause to run for.

The end of the race was very difficult, but everyone around me was so encouraging; the people I was pacing helped me a lot too! (They did not know it until the end, ha ha.) I felt I ran a good race by finishing 19th in my age bracket (40-45). With the time of 1:47:08, I know I can be proud of myself.

Mercer Island Half Marathon, you all put on an amazing race and I will continue to come every year. Thank You!

Friday, March 12, 2010

OMYGOSH “Don’t Mug Me On My 18 Mile Run”

This run was not a loaner run, next time I am bringing peeps! Some dude pulled of my water bottle off MY Amphipod Belt and then filled it Gatorade! OMYgosh brazen gangsta! Then he offered me his bike at his hotel up the street. Dude I have been married almost 20 years, 4 kids, and 2 dogs - DONT MESS WITH MAMA.

Beacon Hill and Holgate Street was a little sketchy too! Never again will I run by myself in Seattle unless I have a gun, 5 policemen and a gang of my own. All I had was mace.

These views were worth the run though! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The "Don't Let the Boogyman Get You Run" 6.77 mile run

It was cold, wet and I only saw two people that looked like they wanted to eat me. Beautiful run by the ocean. I am doing it again tomorrow.