Monday, March 29, 2010

Fleet Feet Marathon Training

I started with Fleet Feet Marathon Training in January, since then I have increased my mileage, improved my half marathon time by 40 minutes, met the best people I know call my friends, gained more confidence in my abilities as a runner, and really just has changed my whole perspective on fitness and my life. Take the time to visit Fleet Feet; the marathon program is worth the money!


Lisa said...

I keep checking my local Fleet Feet for a training program. They only have a 5k program now. I'm hoping they have a half program soon as I really want to join a group to run and train with for the reasons you mentioned. Your lucky to have such a good group.

Run On! JT said...

email Paul on his website he might be able to help you. Also runner's world has an ok running program. If you want my opinion, try interval training on the track. Run 200 meters, say 5-10 times to start with 3 min rests in between. See how you feel then add each week until you get to 10. Hard, but it will help with your speed.