Monday, January 17, 2011

FFRC Monday Night 5.47 miles 00:46 minutes @08:25 pace

Went well tonight! I had a pit stop :) could not catch back up to the group - wow they are fast. I like that some of our pace groups are far apart just case you have to have a pit stop in the dark!
I felt awesome running tonight! So happy, even happier to eat a Sushi dinner after!

40 minutes of Core Training

Needed to do something this morning it felt good to get my core training done today

I feel so much better running and have less injuries when I am committed to my core training as well as running.  Plus I am going to Maui in a few weeks - thats some good motivation too!

Med Ball Workout

20 rolling push ups

20 triceps push up

25 shoulder toss

20 wiper/ 30 crunch combo

20 Rolling squats

15x each leg Lunge with overhead twist

10x Med ball RDL

30 Med ball toss

----- add

30 BB squats

30 ea leg fire hydrant

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marathon Training Run #1 - Tall Mom's Training Pan

12 miles
1:51 minutes
09:16 pace

 Great run today with our FFRC marathon training group. Nice pace just to keep legs moving and feeling pain free! I am so happy right now.  Mel coached me the whole way.

Mel and I were not sure how I would do because I had two weeks off.  I did well running at a 9 min pace.  It was hard not to try and catch up with Tammy but I am going to listen this time to Melanie (and Heidi). 

So grateful for the opportunity to be with awesome women and to have the chance to run in the world's most historic marathon in April. 
I Love my running buddies new and old - I am coming back and Boston Bound

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let the early morning runs begin for 2011

Falling Water Loops
4.65 mi
50 Minutes
10:47 pace

First day back and first day of Boston training. Needed a slow run today to see how the hamstring would do. Hamstring is sore go to ice, see the Chiro and made an appointment with my PT. 
 I wonder why just taking a longer rest is never an option for a Marathon Maniac!
Kudos to Rachelle for being so perky this morning!