Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Running in the Morning and .......... TEENAGERS

OK, I am not saying every teenager loves to get up in the morning and is cheery!  Like me :) But if you need to get up "JUST DO IT".  So unnamed teenage son did not want to get up this morning and get ready.  So arguing with him definitely takes up time so then I was late for running. 
I am so lucky to have a partner that I can text at 5am and say meeting at the church today instead "due too teenager attitude".  My buddy met me at the church and we did the short loop instead of the usual 4-6miles.  We were slow today but very glad about that.  I have had the flu and she has not been feeling well. 
I did finally wake unnamed teenage boy up after my run.  It was awesome DOG Alarm!  I let both pups come and jump, lick and bark on his bed.  It was the BOMB!  I do have a few more alarms if anyone needs ideas.
Picture of DOG ALARM!
 Little one is a puppy he is extra special in the morning.
Perfect for bugging the heck out of anyone at 5:30 am.
So Moms and Dads yay for you if you got a run into today because some days it is a little harder to get it done.
3.46 miles 10min Pace = Happy Mom that did not yell at teenager when she got home :)


Kirstie said...

Great way to wake up a teenager! Glad I have only cats as I'm sure my husband would do that to me.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Your dog alarms are so cute!!! Love them!!