Sunday, February 28, 2010

Be Not Afraid of the Hills.....

All Friday I was so worried about running hills with my training group the next morning. I thought “Did I train enough?” and “Will I be able to keep up?” Saturday came and I was so nervous it was getting a little ridiculous. I think some runners are just plain hard on themselves – that would be me.

The first 2 miles I wanted to die, it felt like we were just going up the whole time. I ran with some other ladies who are my age, ran a few marathons already and they helped me to keep my mind off what I was doing. My calves started to burn so I decided to run backwards a few times and this really helped a lot. I recommend this if you can do it safely.

GU was definitely my friend on this run. I loved seeing all the other runners and wondering why they run too. The area we were in was so beautiful with ocean and forest right next to each other. No camera because I did not have an enough room in my pack.

Well at mile 5 or so I started really warming up and I was feeling like this is going to work out after all and I was not going to die.

Running with great people really makes a hard run like that seem not so frightful. We finished at 15 miles @ 8.53 pace and 4 water stops (clock off). What a great day and now I feel like I do not have to be afraid of the hills.

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Brooke and Brian said...

You are incredible. 8.53? Incredible. Hills? Incredible. Training? Incredible. I want to be like you. Gu? Those are nasty. When do you run your marathon? I will have to look over your blog and see if you arlready said. Good luck girl! You rock!