Sunday, April 18, 2010

From doubting to doing - 5 half marathons in a years time

Last year at this time I finished my first half marathon for my 40th Birthday. I had been depressed, kind of a midlife crisis and just really doubting myself and my abilities. I have been a good Mom and a good wife, what was my problem?

Now a year later I have turned 41 just ran my 5th half marathon and in training for my first full marathon – Tacoma City Marathon. I joined Fleet Feet marathon training group, totally changed my life. I have met some of the best people I know now. They are all Moms and they love to run. They understand the importance of being home for your family but they are determined to fit the running in.

I never thought that I could even run a half marathon let alone a full marathon.

Hey MOMS we can have babies, run our kids to soccer, baseball, dance, volleyball, church activities, help our husbands, do housework, take care of the dogs, weed our flower beds, cook dinners, laundry, go to PTA meetings and help in the classroom there is no reason we can run a marathon!

So one year later, I love my life, I have a deeper love for my husband, I am more grateful for the opportunity to be a mother of 4 great children, I get up everyday and say, “It’s going to be a great day”, instead of hitting snooze and going back to bed. I have more goals for myself and my family embraces my running and they love how are so much more energetic.

Life is good at 41 – that is for sure!

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