Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No time to stretch?

I help in my daughter's classroom each week.  Usually that morning is very rushed, getting a run in before 6:30 am, breakfast, lunches, dogs feed, papers signed for class or checks to write for this, that and the other, seriously busy at our house.  Today I did not have time to stretch after my run.  When I got to the classroom my hamstring just yelled "OMYGOSH I AM GONNA DIE".  I picked up my reading group and took them to the area  I read with them and then grabbed a basketball to sit on.  The kids did not even notice that I was sitting on it.  I think I have now found the cure for hamstring pulls, sit on a basketball and move around a little!  Teachers were staring other classroom helps were staring I did not care it felt good and it helped stretch me out.  So if you think you dont have time to stretch, get creative.


H Love said...

so true!! hard when you are a mommy and time is of the essence!

Nicole said...

That's what running and being a mom helps you to become: more creative!

Run On! JT said...

I love that my kids notice how hard I work at keeping fit. They all like to run as well. Makes me happy.