Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tall MOM is gonna KILL ME RUN 23.4 mi / 03:30 08:57 pace

Point Defiance Park loop is the BOMB and so is TALL MOM. Lots of fun hills. I was 15 minutes late because I took a wrong turn. My running buddy patiently waited for me and I am so grateful.

We made the best of my situation and laughed at the trauma we were putting our bodies through and basically tried to stir up trouble on the trail.

We met Jose and had to give him a high 5 the second time we passed him, and a gift card to sport authority for some new pants - dude! We were not sure but we think he might have been wearing baggy pants and some sassy compression socks over them. WOW!

We have decided bikers are not nice or happy. I asked them all for their bikes and no one gave one to me. I guess I did not look like I felt. I ended really strong for a 41 year old today and I feel awesome. I came home ate, took a magnesium bath, showered and then went and weeded for 2 hours! 

So Tacoma Marathon - BRING IT!

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