Friday, April 30, 2010

A cruise through the marathon course with Sara Belle

When first saw this hill I thought, "Oh not good".  This is Vassault Hill and I still don't like it, but I respect it more now. 

This is a view we had for about 4 miles along Rushton Way.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Perfect place for a family to cheer you on as mine did.  Love those guys.

Sara Belle taking it all in...

Like I said gorgeous views.

5 mile drive is the most beautiful drive in this area.  Our team trained here a few times.  When we finally came to it, I felt like OK I can pull this off.

Another view we got to see while running the Tacoma City Marathon.

For me this was so beautiful and I knew we were half way done.  I was very happy when I saw the pond.

Mile 18 

Another hill to love.
Sara Belle and I had fun seeing the course.  I great day with one of my daughters.  And now MAMA was ready to run, oh and I had to buy Domino's pizza for dinner.  Sara earned it! 

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh love it!! You had to do 5 mile drive, WOWZERS!! Good thing we practiced it like a million times.. OK 5 times but still..